• Image of Betapod Graphic Decks

5-ply Maple deck with graphic bottom.
*Includes 1 piece of Beta Tape

-Deck Size: 33 x 98mm

-Design: Medium concave, Low/Medium tail, Medium nose.

RISE OF THE BETAPOD! Behold, a brand new graphic by StaytoonedFB featuring a re-imagining of the original Level Up Tripod graphic. These graphic decks each have dyed maple cross plies and natural maple top, middle, and bottom plies. For this premiere stock of the new graphic, each deck also comes with a FREE set of BETA BUSHINGS matching the color of each deck graphic.

Check out more awesome artwork by @staytoonedfb on his Instagram.

*Choose from the available options below that correspond with each deck pictured. Options will be removed from the list as the decks are sold and the picture will be replaced when new stock is added.

Check out the Deck Specs Page for a more in-depth look at the design and features of each Level Up Deck!

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