• Image of Level Up X Lakewood Collab Decks

5-ply Level Up decks with Lakewood Split Ply Bottoms and Lakewood decks with Level Up Graphic Bottoms
*Includes 1 piece of Beta Tape and stickers from both companies

-Deck Sizes: Level Up = 34 x 96mm, Lakewood = 33 x 97mm

In a world full of mashups and reboots... comes a Fingerboard logo mashup and deckmaking reboot from Level Up and Lakewood! Lakewood put their talented twist on logo split ply bottoms to be pressed and shaped in the Level Up mold and handed over 6 decks of his own to have collab graphics applied (2 of each color).

Check out more amazing work by Lakewood on Instagram @lakewoodfb.

*Choose from the available options below that correspond with each deck pictured. Options will be removed from the list as the decks are sold and the picture will be replaced when new stock is added.

Check out the Deck Specs Page for a more in-depth look at the design and features of each Level Up Deck!