Level Up Fingerboards is independently owned and operated in Connecticut by me, Jason. I got back into fingerboarding in early 2013 while looking for old toys in my parent's attic to pass along to my son. I couldn't resist grabbing the bin of fingerboards and ramps for myself (something for me to do while he plays with the Matchbox cars). A lot has changed since I packed away my Tech Decks in 2005, and it is awesome! I have always been a DIY type of person which lead me to research and test making decks and other fingerboard parts. The Internet has really helped bring together a fingerboard community that continues to produce better and more efficient products that literally "re-invent the wheel". After a year of practice and hard work, Level Up Fingerboards was ready to hit the scene in a big way for 2014. I may have been late to the party, but I'm bringing guacamole! This is my project, my hobby, and my contribution to the forward progress of quality fingerboard products at an affordable price. 

I hope you enjoy,



As a Fingerboarder myself, I like to stay connected to what is going on in the scene. I have forum accounts on both FBHQ and FFI (Username: LevelUpFingerboards) and I frequently check up on a number of fingerboard related YouTube Channels. If there is another major source that I am missing please feel free to send me a message or email and I will check it out.