• Image of Pivot Cup Tubes
  • Image of Pivot Cup Tubes

-Pivot Cup Tubes-
4pcs of 2" long rubber Pivot Cup Tubes (assorted colors)

Plenty of pivot cup material in each pack to easily set up a dozen decks! While they will fit just about any truck with a cylinder shaped baseplate hole, the most common use for this type of pivot cup tube is on Tech Deck and China Trucks where pivot cups do not come standard. We offer three different assorted color packs:

-Warm Colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow

-Cool Colors: Green, Hunter Green, Blue, Purple

-Neutral Colors: Clear, Black, White, Glow-in-the-dark

Don't settle for "random colors" or "pre-cut baseplate cups" from other companies. Plan ahead with our pre-sorted packs and pimp your decks out proper!

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If you are ordering more than 3 pieces of tuning or accessories please add the appropriate "Shipping Upgrade" to your order from the Products Page so not to exceed the weight or size limitations of standard stamped envelopes.