All of our decks are 100% hand-made from the time the veneer plies are cut straight through to the glossy clear coat finish.

  • 33mm Wide to fit comfortably on every popular style of truck.

  • 98mm Long end to end.
  • Low/Medium Tail with a Medium Nose for maximum control.

  • Solid construction of Maple and exotic veneer supplies from Maine and Colorado. Colored Maple plies are dyed by hand.
  • Medium Concave across the full width of the deck, no flat middle section.

  • Smooth rounded edges for a realistic skateboard look.

  • Baseplate holes are drilled and countersunk through the first layer of veneer for the mounting screws to sit flush with the top of the deck.
  • A "Level Up" stamp is applied before clear coating to show through the split in your tape indicating the tail of the deck.  

  • Super fine sanded and sprayed with multiple coats of a Hi-Gloss clear coat finish.